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Our company was born in late 2009, after contacting several professionals from the fish, most of the Terres de l'Ebre, which had a common vision. They were aware that, firstly our country needs a business that generates wealth, and secondly, that the fish sector had reached a saturation of markets and products that made ??it difficult to survive in it.

The buyer's habits have changed, redirecting it to the frozen, for practical reasons (lack of time, lower prices, etc.). This factor has caused a great influx of frozen imported from countries with better relative costs and a decline in the price of real fresh, which has caused a significant reduction in the profitability of the agents involved in the value chain of the product (boats, boxes, distribution), leading to a decline of real wages and profit margin, diminishing the productive fabric of our territory.

Given this scenario, there is only one way to avoid falling real prices of products sold in the auction, and this happens to give a greater added value. To provide the fish with this increase in value here should be aware of new consumer habits, and therefore offer the fish in the categories of costs that the market demand, ie, both fresh and in frozen and / or prepared.


Marketing of fish, shellfish and cephalopod coast, from the manufacture in various formats (frozen, fresh, stock, etc..) That provides the necessary added value, adapting traditional products to new times and new consumer habits. Why the fish? Because is good, is healthy, is good, tasty. It is always ours, the fact in our own way, as we were taught our parents and grandparents.

So join the tradition with modernity.

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