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Cream of Zucchini

Cream of Zucchini

The cream of zucchini Marviu is 100 % of vegetable origin and suitable for all kinds of consumers since it does not contain allergens not gluten. The vegetable has the just point of cut into pieces to obtain the soft and agreeable one with a light touch of cheese there cremates WITHOUT LACTOSE, which grants a creaminess and an exquisite flavor.

Its principal ingredient, the zucchini, stands out for being a food with very under caloric and highly charitable content for the organism. It contains a very good quantity of minerals and trace elements and is rich also in phosphorus, potasium, magnesium and calcium.

It contributes a great quantity of fiber and stands out for being a food diuretic which helps to the elimination of toxins and avoids the retention of liquids. He is a great ally for our skin already it is a question antioxidant properties as a food with .

It appears in a very comfortable packing which facilitates its consumption and does not generate voluminous residues.

It is an excellent way of introducing the vegetables in our daily diet of an easy,and healthy form.

Expiration: 6 months from the date of production. To preserve in cold between 0 ║ and 4║C.

Presentation: 500 ml Doy-pack.

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