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Our frozen product, unlike any other, is entirely fish of our coast, our fish. When the boats unload their catch of fish, we freeze it immediately, thus preserving the excellent quality of our fish.

This is what differentiates us and we are proud of, as we continue the ancient tradition of our coast, modernizing and making the product attractive. Compete with traditional product in the current markets.

The main advantage offered by our frozen fish, is being able to offer it when there is no fresh for the biological rest periods, which occur precisely when there may be more demand in summer.

We can offer any product that can be caught on our coast, exactly the same species that we can offer as a fresh fish. However, the great demand has led us to focus mainly on fish soup, the shrimp, crab and monkfish, species that we use to produce our broth.

We work for three different types of markets: the industry, distribution, and the ending consumer. Therefore, the formats are tailored to these markets. We adapt to the needs of our customers, our production more flexible.

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